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Is this new or did I just happen up on it, for Boats and RV's too,

-303 Shower Shield - 16 oz $10.95 On Sale! $9.95
On Sale! $12.98 , 303 Shower Shield 16 oz 2-Pak, Buy One; Get one Free! Limited Time Offer!

303 Shower Shield leaves an invisible, repellent finish that nothing can stick to. No more mildew! No more soap film! No more mineral deposits! Sure, there are a lot of products for cleaning showers. But only 303 Shower Shield keeps showers clean, week after week.

Reapply 303 Shower Shield every 4-6 weeks. Takes 3-4 minutes. Super easy. Just spray on/wipe off. What would you rather do? What you're doing now? Or let 303 Shower Shield keep your shower clean so you don't have to.

303 Shower Shield will save hours of cleaning drudgery every month. Keeps showers and fixtures looking new!

The Best for Counter Tops - Cultured Marble - Plastic Laminates in the Bath, Bar, Kitchen, Laundry Room. - NON TOXIC TOO.

General Instructions:
  • Make sure your shower walls are clean, dry and free of any soap film or mineral deposits.
  • Cover shower floor before use. - Caution: Shower Shield will make shower floor slippery - Do NOT get 303 Shower Shield on the shower floor. Use household cleaner to remove any Shower Shield from shower floor before using shower.
  • Mist on 303 Shower Shield until surfaces are covered, including metal fixtures, grout and glass doors.
  • Dry completely with a clean, absorbent cloth. If cloth becomes damp, switch to fresh cloth.
  • Polish all surfaces to a high gloss.
  • Reapply when water beading starts to diminish, usually every 4-6 weeks
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