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I have an 01 205v LTR. You also have plugs in the block.

I open the orange hose in front (what you're talking about), which connects the manifolds.
There are 2 block plugs holding alot of water still comes out. One is the knock sensor.

From Indmar Owner's Manual:
Block – Two drain plugs on each side; 5.7 Liter EFI engines have an Engine Knock Sensor (1, Figure 1-2)
installed in one drain hole.

Drain water from exhaust manifolds. Uncouple the hose quick disconnect and drain the manifolds.
Indmar recommends that you leave the drain plugs out, or the hose uncoupled, until spring.

Remove the petcock, drain plug, or sensor from each side of the engine. Indmar suggests removing the
petcocks completely, not just opening the petcock drain valve.

Tighten it all back up and suck in 6 gallons of antifreeze.
I keep antifreeze in it since it inhibits corrosion.

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