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81 Star and stripes rudder/steering issue

The steering on this boat has a lot of play. It causes the steering to grab a jerk. Mainly noticeable when turning back right (If I recall correct). Kinda snaps right. It's out of the water now and I'm looking at the parts. The ball joint/pivot near the rear has a lot of play causing the cable to move. What is a good source for this part? The rudder also seems to tilt side to side a bit. Maybe 1/4" at the bottom point of the rudder. How much slop should a rudder have? Can this be tightened up? Are there known tolerances?

We put about 30 hrs on it since we got it this summer and the steering is get worse. Want to get it ready for next summer! It's a little scary (especially when someone is on the boom).

Thanks for the input! G
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