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Originally Posted by bigmac View Post
Not sure to what extent this applies to the LTR, but it's a general raw water cooling diagram.

Thanks for the diagram bigmac, but I still have some unanswered questions.. That diagram doesn't show the circulation pump or the circulation 'path' if you will.. I assume that the circ pump takes water sent to it from the thermostat housing, pushes it into the block and from there it goes up and through the heads and somehow makes its way back to the thermostat housing, and the thermostat housing if the engine is cold will somehow direct ALL off this just circulated water back to the pump again for another time through. If the engine is hot, some of this water will then flow out the exhaust through the risers, and some of it will be mixed with water from the raw water pump and this 'mixture' will again be drawn through the circulation pump. But the circulation pump will continue to circulate water even with a closed thermostat, and I cannot find literature that diagrams the path of the water...

seems like information that should be easy to attain, but I cannot find it for some reason..
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