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Originally Posted by russlars View Post
Disconnecting and draining the hoses that connect the manifolds is all that I have ever done to drain mine. So far that has been adequate.
Thanks for the reply.. I hope this wasn't viewed as a redundant or stupid thread. I spent hours searching team talk before posting, and couldn't get a clear answer. From what I remember, there aren't any 'drain plugs' on my setup. Just hoses attached to both ends of each riser/manifold, and the hoses at the back of the engine attach to each other..

From my reading, I've deduced that at one point, there used to be drain plugs where these connecting hoses are now, and these drain plugs were very difficult to remove, thus the birth of the hoses with the quick disconnect..

But after reading the post from someone who claims to both 'uncouple' the hoses AND remove plugs from the same risers made me concerned...

BTW.. nothing 'flows' through those hoses when coupled, does it? The coupled hoses that join the right and left riser? The hoses are really acting more like a drain plug in that water pressure is the same at each riser, so the water in the hose just sits.. Is this right?

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