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HELP PLEASE! Draining exhaust risers on LTR

To drain the exhaust risers on my 2001 LTR engine in my X star, I believe all I have to do is unscrew or separate the hoses that connect the risers together on the back of the engine (which on a v-drive like mine is facing the front of the boat...), and then point each hose downward to let the water drain. At least this is all the indmar service manual says has to be done.

But today, after returning from where I store my boat outside which is 3 hours away, while reading some forums I've stumbled across a post that makes it seem like the hoses need separated (which I did) AND drain plugs need to be removed from the RISERS also. (this poster was not confusing the block drain plugs for manifold drain plugs, as he said to remove those also,i.e. removing 4 plugs in addition to separating the hoses....)

Now, I didn't see any manifold/riser drain plugs. And the manuals didn't point out any either, but the boat is 3 hours away for me to check this, and while i did pour antifreeze through the block after i removed the block plugs and saw the pink fluid drain, I did not pour antifreeze through the risers, and if there indeed is a drain plug on those things I missed, i need to get back there and take care of it.. I was led to believe splitting that connecting hose was all that needed to be done to drain them..

Can anyone verify this?

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