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HELP/Q: 1995 PS190 Fuel System Info

Old timers...

Can anyone help describe the nature of (general layout and number, location of pump(s)/filter(s), etc.) the fuel system on a 1995 ProStar (190)?

She ran fine when I put her away (about 6 years ago) and runs now when provided fuel directly (e.g., starter fluid) but the fuel is never arriving at the engine itself (it doesn't appear to be a throttle body issue unless the controller itself is dead/unhappy). I'm trying to help someone diagnose things over the phone and could really use a general mental picture, etc. Design/Layout and Operation 101 stuff.

1) Are there multiple pumps (how to test?)?
2) Where are they located (in tank?)?
3) Are there multiple filters?
4) Where are the filters located?
5) Is the pump(s) under the control of the fuel controller (or just the timing, injector, etc.)?
6) Is it a low pressure system (i.e., just emulating a carb)?
7) What the layout/nature associated with fuel return?
8) Is the nature of (operation of) the throttle body/injector such that it "blocks" rather than "allows" fuel (when pulsing, etc.)?

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