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Originally Posted by MariStar-Man View Post
1. Drain all gas and buy 91+ octane.

2. Best oil is oil with Gold Particles in it. They haven't invented it yet, but that would be the best...

3. Look into the manual, or take lots of BIG pictures and post them here...

4. i would reapair everything and make it lke new... ( Search ) = Gelcoat. Lots of info here...

5. Put a 6 blade prop on her. 3 is good so 6 would be better...

Ps. ignore all but #1 & 3 as it's sunday night and I still feel a little woozy and can't think from 3 days on the lake...
Nice of you to answer with such a worthless post to a first time owner, considering you set a record for stupidest questions asked about their boat. You telling someone to do a search is priceless.
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