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Originally Posted by jabe101 View Post
Thanks for the replies. Any other suggestions so I can shop around? I am getting the feeling that the standard trailer brakes that are mentioned in other posts on the site (tie down, etc) are not what I'm looking for? I wish they showed the bracket for the calipers in the pictures but it's always hidden by the rotors.

Either way, thanks again for the help.
The 4 hole bracket on the axle is a standard pattern that will accept either the drum or disc brake parts and the disc brake kits come with the caliper mounting brackets to fit the axle plate..
You have several choices for disc brakes besides UFP, like
and to name a few.
The reason I recommended UFP system, is that in 1997 I did a refurbishing of the trailer under our '89 and I added the UFP disc brakes and A-60 disc brake actuator to the trailer myself and they have been trouble free for 12 years.
The best thing to do is review as many companies and their products as you can and call and consult with them about their products to be sure you get the right system that suits you.
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