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Originally Posted by SPBFAN View Post
I am very familiar with ACME props. Their really is only a hand full of guys that can rebuild them in the country. And in most cases they can only rebuild about 10% of the damaged props. There are three classes of props for tow boats like ours. Class 2,1,& S. S is the best, 1 is the second best, and 2 well I just wont run a 2 and I try not to run a 1 only if I damage my main prop when on the lake to save the day. That is usually all they can repair the props to a class one (1). A nick or ding in a prop is very bad. It will take out not a drive shaft but a V-Drive bearing or a direct drive bearing which ever type of boat you have.
Actually, there are four ISO classifications for propeller tolerances - S,1, 2 ,and 3, and there is also a separate ISO classification for balancing.

The OEM prop on Vancouver's X-10 is a cast-only OJ. If that's the propeller he has, his best bet is to send it back to OJ for repair and rebuilding . Getting a new one - Acme and OJ both make good propellers and calling them with the boat details and desired use of the boat will get a recommendation for the best propeller. They will likely let him use it for awhile and return it for another if it doesn't meet his expectations.

Acme and OJ are pretty much the top of the heap in inboard tow boat propellers, but neither of them advertise ISO certification of their inboard tow boat props. In fact, I don't see ANY tow boat props advertised as ISO class 1 or better, nor can I find any reference to ISO balancing standards. My impression has always been that those certifications are applicable to high performance and custom props, like surface-piercing ocean racers, but not the props that we use. I'd be interested in hearing more about this ISO standard as they apply it to the inboard tow boat propellers they make.

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