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Originally Posted by mcmx2 View Post
I have noticed the same thing on my boat, 05 197TT. This boat was new to me last fall and my old boat, 89 ps 190, did not have this play in the rudder. Also I can not find a place to grease the rudder shaft. I have taken the floor out of the ski locker and see the top of the rudder port through the square cutout in the fuel tank but do not see a zirk for grease.
I haven't taken the floor out of my locker yet, but I assumed that there would be a grease fitting as described in the owner's manual. Based on the manual and what I know, it's supposed to be re-greased every 50-100 hours. I'll take my floor out and see what I can see. But based on some of the above feedback, it sounds like the minimal amount of play I'm seeing is considered normal. Perhaps someone from one of the shops will see this and opine.
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