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No you cannot connect to the yellow connection. That is for draining the exhaust manifolds if you need to winterize your engine.

I cannot see it in your picture, I believe if you look along the left side of the engine (since v-drive engines face backwards) there should be a large hose the goes from the bottom of the hull to the raw water pump on the back of the engine (well it is the front, but again your engine face backwards so it is the "back" in your case).

There are 2 vents for the engine compartment. One is for the blower, which should be used prior to starting the engine and anytime the engine is running with the boat below cruising speed. This will ventilate any fuel vapors and prevent explosions. The second vent is for air flowing through the engine compartment when the boat is underway. The disconnected hose may just be the vent for when the boat is underway. To confirm this make sure the hose on the right is connected to the engine compartment blower (turn the blower on and put your hand over the vents, you should feel air flowing out of one). If no air comes out of either vent when the blower is on then you need to order new blower hose and connect the blower to one of the vents. It is not safe to operate the boat without a properly functioning blower.
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