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Originally Posted by gibbons View Post
First off, I just posted my first post today, to see if I had any options for fixing a seam in my observer seat. I started reading some unrelated posts and thought maybe I could be a positive contributor. I don't even know how to sign up to be a full team member. Is ignorant instant sarcasm and skepticism how some of this group treats someone offering a great tip? Gee, maybe I don't want to sign up...

Anyone who doesn't know that LT-1's doesn't know what they don't know. The LT-1 has aluminum heads, reverse cooling, and a cam driven water pump (you knew that, right?). That caused a big problem. It was addressed in the June 1996 Service Bulletin that was generated after my disclosure to MasterCraft and Indmar. Does anyone remember MasterCraft's Nathan Long? I sent him the fix initially. He got Indmar's Alan Tehan in touch with me. Is he still around? He flew in from Indiana and rode around in my boat. He also did some altitude tweaking on my EFI calibrations. Still thinking I'm making something up? I am, after all, just a dumb mechanical engineer.

The overheating problem has to do with aerated intake water and steam in the heads. Wanna know more? Tell me how to fully sign up. If your boat doesn't do it, it may have been built after the bulletin, and had the modification done at the factory.

Yes, I have a fix that will make the heater work full temperature at idle. Absolutely, positively. You will love it. It's a simple plumbing routing. We used to ski mostly in the off season, which meant the water was usually 50 degrees and below. I have wakeboarded while it was snowing, one day we waterskied in the morning and snow skied that afternoon. My family was on the evening news weather for being crazy. Anyway, when it's that cold, you want a heater working full time. Yes, I can show that trick too. But again, I didn't come up with that one. Another LT-1 owner discovered the right plumbing to do it. I showed him how to keep from cooking his motor (the service bulletin topic).

So, if you want more, help me out to get fully registered or whatever. But please knock off with the doubt.
I was an MC tech starting in late '97 and we had all of the bulletins AFAIK, which I read. I also went to MC training in March of '98. Care to PM me so I know which bulletin it was?

I remember Nathan and it was Alan who developed the training courses, among other things. If it was the bleeder lines or the holes in the thermostat, they were in place before I started working on these.

Welcome to Team MasterCraft but,

You have basically walked into a room full of people who were in the middle of several conversations, without bothering to introduce yourself before saying that you're not sure you like being here. This is your second post, right? No offense, but it was kind of an awkward entry. I don't think anyone will have a problem with knowing about your fix for the LT-1 but to come in, claim that you fixed it without providing anything to support it doesn't really make it so, even if it's absolutely true. I don't know why you would expect total strangers to believe what anyone says just because they say it's true. I doubt you would do this, especially considering your field. You work in a field that would never accept someone's word for any kind of claim without proof, right?

It would be better to get to know the people here before you tell them to not doubt your qualifications and FYI, you're not the only engineer here. We have all kinds of people, from all walks of life and while we may toss odd comments around, the vast majority are good natured. Sure, we have some who don't get along but if we all sat here singing Kumbaya, it would be a really boring place, IMO.

BTW- it's not that hard to look around for the buttons for registration. Here's a link- it's in hte middle of the top gray bar:
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