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LT-1 owners: There is a fix for cooling system issues

Hi All, I am new to this forum, but have lots of MC hours on our 94 205 with an LT-1. It started life with all kinds of cooling system issues, I am surprised I didn't melt it down before I got a handle on things. Way back when, I discovered a fatal flaw in how the engine was applied. I alerted Indmar and MasterCraft, they sent out a service bulletin incorporating the fix I came up with.

With my fix, the engine temp stays absolutely constant within a few degrees, from idle to full throttle. If there is residual interest in this motor or the fix, let me know, and I will take time top post pictures and a scan of the MasterCraft service bulletin (to prove that my info is good). I also have a trick for the heater source and return that I can't take credit for, but perfects the heater. I can share that one, too.

Reply to my post if interested!
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