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I certainly agree that NASCAR has gotten to the point that "it's all about the money". They've turned their backs on the folks that made them what they are and are now doing whatever they can to chase a buck. I also agree that there is very little (nothing) about the cars they race that has anything to do with the cars on the street. I miss the old days when they took a car off the production line, welded the doors shut, welded in a roll cage, made a few other modifications and went racing. Heck, at one time they actually drove the cars to the track (o.k., that was before my time). Now it's just a bunch of pretty boys who couldn't change their own spark plugs, even if they knew what they were.

I haven't been to a race in several years, but I do watch most of them on TV. Guess when you grow up with it all around you it kind of gets in your blood. Besides, I only live about 2 miles from Richard Petty, and close enough to their Victory Junction Gang Camp that we can hear them through the woods. All of us in the surrounding neighborhoods got to tour the camp before it opened. It's a really neat place that has the unenviable task of making these kids' lives a little better.
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