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First, the bump at 15 and 22 isn't much different than the 197 at 34 or 36 mph. And I've had both. When I got my first X14 my ski buddy commented that the wake at 15 and 22 was better than the 197. I thought he was crazy until I got back there. Still thought I must be mis-remembering my 197, but ran it by someone else who agreed.

And the difference at shorter lenths is negligible as well.

The big boat handles very much like the 197.

You can fit a couple of ski's under the observers seat and there is an in floor locker as well. I have the X14 so I use the tower racks since it has ballast tank in the the floor locker.

Personally I don't miss the ski locker. The added room without it more than offsets it's usefulness. And it's nice not stepping over or on it to get to the platform.
CP is right, the rope will hit the tower around 32 off. Although I have had good skiers free skiing that length and it didn't happen. So might be more like 35. Or 32 in the course presuming the skier will be wider than he was free skiing.

Can't beat the room. At csm we had 6 (!!!) people in the boat while pulling skiers. And these were good skiers. 2 in the bow, 2 in obs. seat, driver, and one in lounge behind driver. (Keeping his head back so the rope wouldn't decapitate him.) Granted we weren't skiing the course. And with them skiing 32 off, there was no wake.

Good luck, and definitely demo one.
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