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I have skiied the 214, however you are a much better skiier than I based on what you are running. I can say the 15 and 22 off bump is larger than the 197, no question. I can't speak for 32 off, that's way outside my ablilties.

I can say this about the room in the boat. I took a barefoot clinic with Keith St. Onge last year at our lake and we took the 214 (actually X-14). There were 5 footers plus Mr. St. Onge. It's been almost a year since the clinic and my buddies and I who took it still talk about how much room we had in the boat and even with 6 people in it for 8 hours. We didn't really feel like we were on top of each other. There is NO way we would have been able to do that in a 197 and been as comfortable as we were.

The other thing you may run into is if you get a tower and ski into 32 off the rope may touch the tower when you are out getting the bouys. A slalom ski will fit under the observer seat and under the seat behind the driver if you have no ballast tank (I think).

I would REALLY recommend skiing one on demo and take it through the course before considering buying one. Especially if you are skiing at that level.

Hope this helps.
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