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Prostar 214 skiability?

So, thinking of upgrading the old pull boat. Sold the pontoon, only boat is now the MC so need something with more room than my current '93 190. Thing is, I love, love, love skiing behind behind my current boat. Also ski often behind my buddy's 2003 Natique 196, which is too good for words. Not sure I could actually pull the trigger and sell my current ride...we've been through so much together!

Question is, does the 214 live up to it's billing? Tournament quality wake in a family friendly boat. Besides wake, is the added size a problem driving the course? Do you mind not having the ski locker at the stern? Where do you store your skis during a normal two or three skier session? Any other things you find notable about your 214 that I probably haven't thought of?

For reference, ski level is intermediate. 34 mph, run 32 off fairly consistently, so not shot-line but I'm also not overly concerned with the '15-22 off bump', which I hear is noticeably larger than the tournament hulls.

I do plan on demoing before I buy, just interested in any initial impressions I can get from current owners before going through the effort to demo.
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