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Originally Posted by hester View Post
**** Here is the info I got from Indmar when I made my request last year. ***


Date: August 21, 2001

Advisory #SA2001-1

SUBJECT: MasterCraft LTR Alternator Bracket

There have been reports in the field of failures of the cast aluminum alternator bracket, alternator
bracket bolts and/or alternator case mounting tab on MasterCraft LTR models equipped with
serpentine belts.
Indmar Engineering has determined that an additional bracket may eliminate the stress that occurs
on the alternator mounting system during acceleration and deceleration of the engine or when the
boat is being operated in rough-water conditions.

Engines with serial number IC983582 or higher will have this bracket installed at Indmar. An LTR
Alternator Bracket Kit has been developed to deal with the units experiencing this problem in the

495109 LTR Alternator Bracket Kit
.5 hour
Warranty consideration under this bulletin will expire on Sept 1, 2002.
1. Release the tension on the belt tensioner and remove the serpentine belt.
2. Remove the 3/8-16 X 3-3/4” bolt and washers from the upper mounting boss on the
alternator. Discard the bolt but retain the washers for re-use.
3. Remove the lower circulating water pump mounting bolt on the side of the pump nearest the
alternator. Retain the bolt for re-use.
4. Align the alternator bracket from the kit between the mounting boss on the alternator and
the lower circulating pump mounting hole.
5. Install the water pump mounting bolt through the bracket and pump and into the block.
6. Install the new alternator-mounting bolt along with the washers retained during disassembly,
through the bracket into the upper alternator mounting boss.
7. Torque the alternator bolt and the water pump bolt to 25 Lb. ft. (35Nm).
8. Reinstall the Serpentine belt.
That one covers the breaking brackets but the alignment issue was from the '99 model year. In fact, it was the first run of LTR motors that had the belt alignment problem, as well as the charging lead being too taut, which caused the ring terminal to break. If it's not a problem by now, it probably has been taken care of.
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