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Originally Posted by Patrick Hardy View Post
JimN, I was told by two local Marine rebuild shops that my alternator could not be rebuilt to a higher amperage. I thought that was weird, but i just got off of the phone with SKIDIM, they said the same thing.
Actually they said that for my 1996 190 w/ LT1 there are no after market alternator amperage upgrades or kits available to them. He said that they get a lot of calls about this problem w/ the early years LT1. I am waiting for a call back from Indmar about this. This has been a real interesting DIY job.
They're partially correct. That case can be rebuilt to about 75A and that's about it. Then, it needs to go up to the next size, which is easily available to them and that's what I just got for BriEOD- a 105A version. The next size up needs different brackets but if you want, I'll call the guy and ask what it will take to get up to 140A. He does them all the time and stocks most sizes, ready for rebuilding. Beyond stock parts, it becomes a bit of a custom job but really, anything can be made to work properly.
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