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Originally Posted by CODY_YARBER07 View Post
So, I bought a 140 amp Delco Marine alternator to run my stereo and the place that I bought it from (DB Electrical) explained to me which wires went where and I proceeded to install it. Once I got it installed I tested it and it is not charging. Not wanting to ruin my weekend on the lake I hook my old 30 amp alternator back up. It ran my stereo fine with no problems at all. I have two batteries isolated by a dual battery relay. The stereo includes 4 Polk Momo Speakers and a Polk Momo sub powered by a Sony Amp (250 watts RMS) AND 2 Wetsounds Pro 80's powered by a Cadence TXA3004 which sends about 300 watts to each Pro 80. Now I have no clue how much amperage this setup draws but like I said it has been working fine with the stock alternator. DB Electrical has offered me a replacement alternator or a full refund and I am leaning towards the refund if I can get by with my old alternator. Like I said, I ran it all weekend and it had no problem keeping charged. Just wondering what you all thought about it. Thanks so much, Cody.

If the OEM alternator has only one wire and the new one needs an excite lead, which can be verified by looking at the diagram or calling the source, not having the excite lead connected will keep it from charging. This is needed because the old one (one wire) would have a permanent magnetic field and in the new ones, the magnetic field isn't created until the excite lead triggers energizing of the field coil.
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