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Originally Posted by Craig View Post
Can anyone provide some links/info for some replacement engine box insulation.

The stuff on my 94 is in horrible shape and I want to tear it out.

I have been unsuccessful using the TMC Google search but I am sure this has come up here before.

DId my 94 last year. The Dynamat didn't really help much, on either sound or heat control.
(Wrong material, wrong application.) The Thermplex, etc. is used in the hvac business, and works amazingly well, for heat control...probably not so well on sound control. I used 1/2" fiberglass duct liner, and spay adhesive. Still not as quiet as stock.

The orginal material (foam) is used in the home speaker cabinet construction (speaker grills/interior baffling) in the past. Yes, it doesn't last forever, but best for sound control/heat. Try googleing, home speaker kits.

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