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Originally Posted by CODY_YARBER07 View Post
Can someone tell me where this strainer is?
It's on the intake side of the transmission cooler. Look at the output hose from your raw water pump. It goes from there to the intake side of the transmission cooler. The transmission cooler is a flow-through tube (heat exchanger). The transmission circulates tranny oil around the jacket while raw water flows through it on the way to the engine. If you remove that 1 1/4 inch hose from the lower in of the transmission cooler, you'll be able to feel the strainer and clear any material that may be blocking the flow of water from the raw water pump to the engine. Weeds blocking it may impair that water flow to the point where the engine doesn't get enough water to cool it. Checking for such weeds etc is a simple process of undoing the hose clamp, pulling the hose off, and sweeping your finger around in it.
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