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Engine getting hot!!!

I just took my boat out for its first voyage of the summer and as I am idling out of the "no wake zone" I notice that the temperature gauge is almost in the red. I immediately turned the engine off and waited for it to cool down. After that I started it back up and drove to the houseboat with no problems. As soon as I get back to idle speed it heats up again. Not in the red but almost. Basically.. It only gets hot if you are idling. If you are going down the lake at speed then it runs a lot cooler than it usually does granted the water is still pretty cold. I have a feeling that it is either a thermostat or impeller but am not really sure and haven't checked either. If anybody has any clue what's going on here I'd love to know. My boat is an 83 S&S with the 351W. Thanks peoples!
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