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Originally Posted by Monte View Post
Go intermediate with the length. Definately no 4'6" to start off with.. The 5'6" would probably be a good one to start off with. Knox's board is a CWB razr 5'6" IIRC.. Mine is the Hyperlite landlock. 5'11" it is a little to long to work out most tricks.. Although it is a great beginner board I wish I had bought a little shorter...
Thanks for the advice. I gotta get one for next weekend....

Originally Posted by Monte View Post
Attention MYMC..... Get the paperwork out.. JohnE needs a Black and silver metalflake X2 about mmmmmm lets say Jan-Feb 2010 That is about the time he will have forgotten all about the ride to and from Bahstan/Charlotte
No Kidding!!!!! The reason I have had to drive to CSM is really to run the boat and make sure everything is OK....And if it weren't I'd be there so MC of Charlotte could take care of it.

I WAS planning on flying in next year...
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