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Originally Posted by Monte View Post
JohnE needs to pay attention here.. IE Bump...
Originally Posted by No Skeez View Post
I brought home a demo last summer and surfed it for a weekend. We were just using the factory ballast plus about 3 or 4 people in the back. Surfer was a Hyperlite Broadcast 4'9". Granted we are all experienced surfers, but with no additional ballast, we were able to drop the rope and go. Depending on what level you are at, a 5'6" Hyperlite Broadcast may be big enough to surf the stock ballast. Otherwise, look into some of more advance surfers, like Phase Five and Inland Surfer.

Hope this helps!

Monte, thanks for the thread bump. No Skeez, thanks for the input. That's exactly what I needed to know. The boys taught me to surf last week at csm and I'm looking forward to trying it on the X14.
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