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You could do it that way, but since everything is already installed from the factory, you would have to change connectors and create your own harness to run from the connector below the dash to the side panel.

$200 was an approximation of the price as to not rat out a certain dealer and even at that price it is well worth it for the ease of install and the cleanliness of not hacking into wiring harnesses where it is not needed. If you would like to know the real price, I would gladly give it to anyone interested via a PM. I will say that the price is much closer to the amount you paid for your aftermarket seat heat.
I am getting at X15 this week I hope and would love the seat heaters as well. I can't PM so can you PM or email me at [email protected]. Also want the light bar and maybe underwater lighting. Another memeber here has two extra JL cans with lights to go with the two already on the boat. Have to call the dealer tomorrow to see what and how many amps, love a great stereo.
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