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Need some guidance on amp setup

Question on amp set up. I have the Threesome(Wetsounds) and the 4 Clarion speakers with the factory sub. I bought the boat equipped with 1-4x75 Clarion amp and 1-2x75 Clarion amp. driving everything. I recently bolted in 2 old school amps of mine being Carver M240 models (solid 2x120) which I'd like to dedicate to the Threesome (2x120 for outside and mono 240 for the center)and leave the 4ch amp for the inside speakers and do the 2ch Clarion at mono for the sub. I am concerned about charging and having enough preamp signal out of the standard Clarion head unit to make everybody happy. I also have 1 good heavy duty standard battery. I probably would want to start with another battery and isolator switch....then what?...the new EQ that Wetsounds has?
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