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Originally Posted by markismm View Post
This is a thread of my 1984 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes. This is the 25th Summer this beauty has graced the waters of the Southeast. This boat is absolutely fabulous. It is all completely original including interior. The only modification that has been made is the addition of a Sony DriveSX head unit, Four 6 inch Cadence Kit Speakers, and Two 10 Inch MTX Subwoofers. I am extremely proud of this boat. The only imperfections are small dry cracks in the upholstery of the back seat. I would give anything or pay almost any amount to get my hands on a roll of this exact material/fabric/upholstery. I have spoken with "the upholstery guy" and he indicated that he is not aware of any of this material being in existence, at least in my boats' color. If someone knows of some, dear God, please let me know. I want to keep the boat completely original, but I fear that if i cannot find some material like this within the next two years, I will have no choice but to completely re-upholster the entire boat. Please let me know of any suggestions any one has. Also, let me know your thoughts on my boat. Thanks. Enjoy the pics.

This guy just got a interior done and the material stripe pattern looks much like yours, you may want to contact him and his upholsterer,
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