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The main thing I can say about taking care of the Gel Coat and Upholstery is that I have always stored the boat in a garage wihout a cover on it. Additionally, the boat is never left in the water for more than one night. Finally, everytime I take the boat out of the water I take a damp towel and wipe down the entire exterior quickly before storing. Most of the folks that I know that have similar boats either store them outside, use a cover (which invites mildew if the boat is put up wet), or never clean the boat's exterior before putting it up after each use. All of these things will extend the longevity of the gel coat and interior more than any product. Once or twice a year I do use Star Brite Polish with Teflon just as a UV protectant. As for the teak platform, I use the Star Brite three step teak restoration kit once every 3 years or so. This is the part of the boat that so many people abuse or neglect. The most important step by far for the platform, however, is using the teak oil (step 3) after each time the platform is submerged. This takes all but 3 minutes as you put the boat up at the end of the weekend and makes the boat look extraordinary.

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