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Thanks for your comments. What do you think of this....this is my understanding after talking with the Wetsounds techs....First, the tower is wired with 8 separate conductors. The Wetsounds speakers have there own crossover network inside each respective speaker 'can'. The 8" and 6" are different crossover networks but they would say exactly what frequencies they were crossed over at. They are supposedly 'tuned' for the speaker combination (cone + horn) depending on speaker size. So 4 wires (2+ / 2-) going to the left side in parallel. This will equate to a 2ohm load on one of the channels. 4 wires (2+ / 2-) going to the right side in paralles. Also equaling a 2 ohm load. Same signal is driven to each of the speakers with a max power of 175W to each speaker. That's slightly above the Pro60MC's 150WRMS continuous, and slightly below the PRO80MC's 200WRMS. From what I've been told, it is better to have the Amp slightly more powerful (higher rated) so that the AMP doesn't have to be turned up to the highest levels of gain (where the amplifier characteristics are nearing saturation) to get good sound. If I use the SYN2 I will have 4 independant speaker wires pairs (8 conductors) which will look like 2 2ohm loads to the AMP which could supply 175W RMS (max-continuous) to each speaker.
What do you think of that?

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You might consider using a four-channel amplifier and an 8-conductor tower harness when running asymmetrical tower speakers like the Pro80s and Pro60s. This gives you the ability to crossover the 80s a little lower and the 60s a little higher so the power handling and output is equalized. For times 150 to 200 watts at a 4-ohm rating would be a good range.

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