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Originally Posted by brucemac View Post
not so far, but i've only been out once this season so the jury's still out. was out for the first time last last monday and at the time, was running 1400W RMS. started work this morning to replace my inboat amp for a new one which will put me at 1500W RMS, but now have two Class G/H amps which run more efficiently so i'm hopeful that will help overall. i didn't see any drops in voltage while underway and i'm certain we drew down the housebank to a point where it was isolated from the starting battery. i intend on giving it a good look next time out with my buddy and will be bringing a multimeter with us to check things out. i also plan on adding a 3rd battery before our two big summer road trips. basically bottom line, i don't know yet, but i think i'll be okay. my guess is, it's going to take quite a while at high rpm's to recharge the housebank. i have a smart charger that i use to recharge and maintain the batteries in the garage.

i had a smaller setup in my last boat with a 65A alternator; two JL amps (1) AB and (1) D, two batts, combiner, smart charger, etc. never had an issue in 3 years with 2 optimas.
I appricate the info, I have been out once too, and didnt see any voltage drop yet. I am going to keep my eyes on mine. I only run the entire system when underway or pulling riders. Sometimes even then I shut everything down but the tower speakers. Its good to know you didnt have any issues in the previous boat. Thanks for the help!

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