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The MariStar Thread

If the SS guys, ProStar guys, and X-Series guys can have their threads, then why not us? Hopefully that's just a rhetorical question.

I nabbed my '00 230VRS 'cause it's what I could afford at the time (ie right before the great price tumble of '08/'09). Since I missed out on the >$30K X-30s, I'm gonna upgrade my family wagon as funds permit and wring the glass off the hull over the next few years. Already upgraded the stereo, amp, and speakers. Did some carpet reinstallation, new rudder cable, some trailer stuff, and a couple more odds and ends.

Next up I think the MariStar decals on the side are going bye-bye in favor of the naked look or maybe I'll replace 'em with some ProStar-style MasterCraft decals. I'm gonna hold out for a New Dimension tower rather than a cheaper universal. Once the tower is in I'll look into some V-drive, ski locker, and bow sacs with some good aftermarket pumps.

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