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1995-1997 ProStar 190

This hull was originally introduced by MasterCraft in 1995 as the ProStar 190 - MasterCraft’s premier tournament ski boat. This sixth generation tournament hull served as the ProStar 190 from 1995-1997. MasterCraft’s 1995-1997 hull is also considered an all-time favourite by many.

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The 1995-1997 version of the ProStar 190 was 19’5” long, 85” wide, weighted 2,450 lbs and had a draft of 22” (same length, same width and same weight as the previous version). The load capacity for this 2,480-pound ProStar 190 is nine people with a fuel capacity of 31 gallons.

The 1995 ProStar 190 came standard with the TBI 350 w/275 hp engine, 1:1 transmission (with an OJ 13 x 13 three blade propeller). One engine option was offered - MPI 310 hp (LT-1). The LT-1 increased to 318 hp in 1996 and then again to 328 hp in 1997. A 1.5:1 PowerSlot was also available as an option (with an OJ 14 x 18 propeller).

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The 1995-1997 ProStar 190 hull enters the water at about 26 degrees and flattens out to six degrees at the back. The 1995 to 1997 hull used a number of design changes specifically to reduce spray - twin strakes knock down spray; then parallel slots channel the spray to the back of the hull; and stepped chines flatten the spray and keep it close to the hull.

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The 1995-1997 hull also provides lots of freeboard, substantially larger cockpit, and deep seating (driver and passenger). Although the same length (19’5”), width (85”), weight (2,450 lbs), and draft (22”) as the previous generation ProStar (offered from 1991-1994), the 1995-1997 version offered more interior room by widening the inside and pushing the cockpit and windshield 6” forward. The 1995-1997 version also offered a little more storage capacity as well. The battery was also moved in 1995 to a location under the front observer seat (making it easier to get to).

Standard equipment on the 1995-1997 ProStar 190 included three directional fins, a bow lifting ring, black framed wrap-around windshield (four-piece with a centre mullion), windshield mounted ski mirror, two-colour accent interior, forward storage behind the tournament sized observer’s seat, swivel ski pylon, black non-glare dash with electromechanical gauges (with two speedometers separated by a tachometer), stainless steel passenger hand rails, back seat which can be removed or converted to a sun deck (but be sure to secure it before towing on the highway), rear handle/towing eye, and teak swim platform.

Optional equipment on the 1995-1997 ProStar 190 included a closed cooling system, boat and cockpit covers, heater, sun top, and shower.

Exterior graphics on the 1995-1997 ProStar 190 typically featured white deck and white lower hull. Two colour accent stripes ran the length of the hull about half way down each side of the hull. If a main exterior gelcoat colour was used, it was applied from just above the two colour accent stripes up to the bottom edge of the rub rail. The tail end of the two colour accent stripes sweep down toward the waterline as they approach the transom (to the rear of the engine box). More than 10 different colour combinations (two colour accent stripes and main gelcoat colour (if used)) were produced between 1995 and 1997. A large “MasterCraft” decal and "ProStar 190 Electronic Fuel Injections decal" were both featured one on each side of the hull above the colour accent stripes. In all three years (1995-1997) the MasterCraft logo was colour matched to one of the two accent stripe colours. In 1997 the MasterCraft logo was moved below the two colour accent stripes.

1995 may have been the first year MasterCraft produced the Sammy Duvall Signature Limited Edition hull – special options and special color scheme.

In 1996, MasterCraft changed the ProStar 205 to mirror the changes made to the ProStar 190 in 1995. Note the ProStar 205V went on to become the original X-Star/X-2/X-1 with legendary wakeboard performance.

The 1995-1997 ProStar 190 hull proved to be so versatile it remained in production for eight consecutive years (1995-2002) under five separate model names – ProStar 190, 19 Skier, SportStar 19, ProStar 195, and X-5.

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This hull was approved as a tournament tow boat by the American Water Ski Association (AWSA) in the following six years: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 – although as different models.

As a tournament tow boat this hull pulled 12 world records altogether in five disciplines - men's slalom, men's trick, men's jump, women's slalom, and women's trick.

Compared to the previous hulls the 1995-1997 ProStar 190 reduced spray (pretty much eliminated) and improves slalom waterskiing.

Compared to the 1991-1994 ProStar 190 (arguably the best slalom wake ever), the 1995-1997 ProStar 190 had improved tracking, reduced spray (chine spray nearly became a non-factor), slightly taller slalom wake (but still exceptional), improved bare footing performance, and greatly improved open water ride. Waterski Magazine also rated this hull well for barefoot, wakeboard, trick, and kneeboard in their 1996 Boat Buyer’s Guide.

Since the 1995-1997 ProStar 190 hull is slightly smaller than the 1998-2000 ProStar 190 hull, some have suggested that the 1995-1997 ProStar 190 hull is a little more nimble than subsequent versions of the ProStar 190 (1998-2000 and Evo versions). The 1995-1997 version of the ProStar 190 hull also has slightly more freeboard than the ProStar 190 Evo hull (2001 to current).
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