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1991-1994 ProStar 190

The Pro Star 190 was redesigned again in 1991 as the fifth generation tournament boat. Many have come to regard the 1991-1994 hull as one of the best slalom hulls MasterCraft ever created. This hull also featured very elegant sweeping lines.

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The 1991-1994 MasterCraft ProStar 190 was 19’5” long, 85” wide, weighted about 2,450 lbs (five inches longer, five inches wider and 250 lbs heavier than the fourth generation hull).

The standard drive train on this hull may have been a 240 hp engine coupled with a standard 1:1 transmission. The 1.5:1 transmission appears to have been offered as an option. In 1992 and 1993 several other engine options were offered including:
• (351 cubic inch) Ford V-8 310 hp (fuel-injected) engine
• (351 cubic inch) Ford V-8 285 hp engine
• (350 cubic inch) Chevrolet V-8 260 hp engine
• (454 cubic inch) Chevrolet (high-performance) engine

Changes introduced with the new hull in 1991 were aimed at adding more space in the cockpit and improving on the already excellent skiing wakes of the 1987-1990 ProStar 190.

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To achieve this the 1991 hull design used:
• a modified semi-vee with 25 degrees entry that gradually decreased to a flat bottom at the transom
• soft, stepped reverse chines
• a pair of lifting strakes (used forward of the tracking fins)
• closed-relief cavity or “dish” (directly above the prop) is used to reduce prop turbulence (or “wash”)

These changes to the hull design resulted in more wetted surface (more drag which would require more horsepower to achieve similar performance under certain conditions).

The outside the 1991-1994 hull featured a three-piece wrap-around curved windshield (with no centre mullion) and a forward sloping transom that was mounted with a removable teak swim platform.

Name:  3 - 1993_MasterCraft_Brochure_Page_23.jpg
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Inside the boat the 1991 model introduced a redesigned instrument pod. It also came equiped with a tilt steering wheel and a centre mounted Cipa mirror. Ample storage was provided behind the hinged observer’s seat. The rear bench seat is fully removable and there are two stainless steel grab rails mounted to the gunnels. Noise levels in the boat were kept low with crossflow mufflers.

Optional equipment in 1991 included engine options (see above), PowerSlot package (see above), boat cover, cockpit cover, fresh-water cooling, heater, Kenwood stereo system, hot and cold shower, Safe-T-Top with removable brackets, sun top, trick release, single axle trailer, spare tire, trailer brakes, and galvanized trailer.

The exterior graphics of the 1991-1994 hull typically featured white decks and white hulls with a colour accent strip (entirely below the rub rail that swept down toward the water line near the transom). These hulls were also available in reverse gel coat options (coloured deck, white strip, coloured hull bottom). These hulls also carried “MasterCraft” side hull decals (leaning to the right with a horizontal slash through it), “ProStar *** 190” model decals (on the side hull near the transom), and “MasterCraft World Record Ski Boat” decal appeared on the transom for the first time (the words “World Record” replacing “Competition” on the transom decal), but the word “Boat” remained singular.

In 1992 MasterCraft introduces the first electronically fuel injected (EFI) engine in the marine industry - the LT-1 Corvette (optional) engine. Although the LT-1 was introduced in 1992, it may have been for the 1993 model year.

In 1993 the ProStar 190 came standard with the 351HO and the LT1 was an option (although rare). The horizontal slash also seems to have been dropped from the “MasterCraft” side hull decals and the word “Boat” became “Boats” (plural) on the transom decal for the first time – “MasterCraft World Record Ski Boats”. A third accent colour may also have been added to the gelcoat of the hull – resulting a four-colour hull and a two-colour deck. Other changes in 1993 may have included improved driver’s seat lumbar/lateral support, new dash clock, gas struts being added to the engine box, and grab bar being added to the transom. MasterCraft also produced a "Limited Edition" ProStar 190 in 1993.

In 1994 the ProStar 190 became the first ski boat to come standard with EFI.

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The 1991 hull may have only been AWSA approved with MasterCraft's PowerSlot (1.5:1) transmission (as the 1991 hull with the 240 HP engine and 1:1 transmission may not have passed the AWSA boat test (potentially due to the additional drag of the increased wetted surface of the new design in combination with the weaker pull of the smaller engine and 1:1 transmission). This hull would remain in production until 1994 and may have been AWSA approved from 1992 to 1994 with both the 1:1 transmission (likely with other engine options than the 240 HP) and 1.5:1 PowerSlot transmission.

The 1991-1994 hull:
• pulled Men’s World Record Jump (220’ by Sammy Duvall in 1992)

Tracking and skier pull rated “best in test” in the 1991 Waterski Magazine Boat Buyer’s Guide (with 351 PowerSlot package).

Both long line (at lower speeds) and short line (at higher speeds) were rated in the “best-of-test” range in the 1993 Waterski Magazine Boat Buyer’s Guide.

When compared to earlier models some have said the 1991-1994 hull had “crisp” handling, excellent (smaller) slalom wake with only a hint of a rooster tail at longer line lengths. Spray was reduced about one line length off the previous hull (any spray which might be encountered at 38 or deeper is “modest”). The wakes themselves were rated as “excellent”, particularly in the shorter lengths. At 15 to 28 off there is a small rooster tail that can be seen, but not felt. The trick wakes (through a range of lower speeds) also rated “high” (small to medium wakes with very good shape). The trade-off for these stealer ski wakes was what some have described as a rather rough ride in open water.

/edit (2009 June 5) - added reference to first Sammy Duvall Signature Limited Edition hull being made in 1991
/edit (2009 Oct 8) - first time for tilt steering was removed from 1990, EFI standard moved from 1993 to 1994 and 351HO and the LT1 was an option added to 1993
/edit (2009 Oct 9) - deleted reference to Sammy Duvall Signature Limited Edition in 1991 (introduced in 1995) and added reference to "Limited Edition" produced in 1993
/edit (2009 Oct 17) - deleted adjustable driver's seat being introduced (1993 & 1994)
/ edit (2010 Oct 13) - grab bar added to transom in 1993
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