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1986 ProStar (the “transition” year)

Even though the hulls on the MasterCraft tournament boats (below the rub rail) look very similar (from the side) year-to-year from about 1982 to 1990, there are differences.

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1986 was a transition year for the tournament hull and this model year is unique for the following reasons:

• the deck of the boat was the same as the 1985 model
• the hull of the boat was similar to the 1987-1990 hull, including the addition of closed prop slot called a “dish” (more detail below)
• interior used was particular to this year
• dash used was particular to this year
• "rainbow' graphics were particular to this year
• engines also seem to have changed during this model year from PCM to INDMAR

Name:  logo - 190 (1986) bow deck.jpg
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Prior to 1986 the use of PowerSlot hull was reserved for boats delivered with a PowerSlot transmission. In 1986 all hulls – 1:1 transmissions and 1.5:1 transmissions – came equipped with PowerSlot hulls (with the closed prop “dish” or concave divit in the hull by the prop). The closed slot or “dish” has been suggested to have to the following benefits:
• knocked down prop wash (for a cleaner table)
• helped the boat adhered to the water a little better (for better tracking)
• added lift to the transom while at speed (much like “hook” in the trailing edge of the bottom/transom used in later years)
• allowed more room for the larger prop (which came with the 1.5:1 PowerSlot transmission)

Name:  2 - ProStar (1986) - prop DISH (closed).jpg
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This hull was approved as a tournament tow boat by the American Water Ski Association (AWSA) in 1986.

The 1986 hull pulled:
• pulled Men’s World Record Jump (203’ by Mike Hazelwood in 1986)

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/edit (2009 Apr 17) = image from 1986 MasterCraft brochure added
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