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1977-1979 MasterCraft Skier

Following this early run of success, the MasterCraft tournament hull underwent its first major redesign was released in 1977. One hundred of these second generation tournament boats were sold at the US Nationals held in Miami the year it was introduced (1977).

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The 1977-1979 MasterCraft Skier was about 19’ long, 81” wide, weighted about 2,200 lbs (one foot longer, the same width and about 200 lbs heavier than the first generation hull).

These 1977-1979 hulls were powered by 220 hp direct-drive inboard engines – some of the early models may have carried Escort Marine engines and some of the later models may have carried Pleasure Craft Marine (PCM) engines.
• The 1977 model may have been powered by Ford 351 engine (marinised by Escort Marine) Holley 4 barrel Carb, 1:1 Borg Warner transmission.
• The 1979 model may have been powered by Ford 351 engine (marinised by Pleasure Craft Marine (PCM)) and 1:1 transmission.
These drive trains may have been right hand prop rotation.

The 1977-1979 tournament boat introduced three tracking fins for the first time ever as part of the 1977 hull redesign to give this 19’ hull better directional control while pulling a waterskier (both in and out of the slalom course). A moulded instrument panel (for increased durability) and fibreglass seats were also introduced for the first time in 1977. The 1977-1979 hulls carried a one-piece plexiglass windshield that was rounded at the corners (similar to the previous generation) with the edge of the windshield being silver in 1977.

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Exterior graphics for the 1977-1979 hulls remained matching hull/deck colours with the “Stars and Stripes” graphics (white stars and white pinstripes which wrapped all around the boat - including stars and stripes on the transom). The number of stars on the front deck increased to four in 1979 (previously three in 1976).

In 1978 the edge trim on the windshield switch to black (previously silver in 1977).

The vertical American flag continued to be carried on the side hull near the transom until about 1978 when it was replaced by the ‘yin and yan’ decal.

This 1979 model is an example of a textured grey top deck (as with some of the boats from other model years, the texture was reported to be similar to the vinyl used to upholster the interior of the boat). An example dash from a 1979 can be viewed by clicking here.

By 1979 metal flake appeared on some hulls and colour “MasterCraft” (left leaning font) side hull decals were introduced. “MC* Competition Ski Boat MC*” (with a star inside the letter “C”) may have been introduced to the transom for the first time just above the band of stars and stripes. Note the font used was an old script very similar to Bookman Oldstyle and the word “Boat” is singular. This style of transom decal remained in use until about 1986. A limited number of hulls also begin to appear with white Maple Leaves (in place of the white stars) on the colour accent stripe.

By 1979 the rear bench seat may have been added to the “LTD” version of the MasterCraft’s tournament boat. Eventually the rear bench seat became a standard feature on all Skier/ProStar models.

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The 1977-1979 hull:
• pulled the first World Championships (1977)

One owner of this hull noted they had a great slalom and trick wake, but are rough riding boats in chop due to the flat mid-tail section of the boat. Also, short line spray was pretty pronounced, especially if you were going into the wind.
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