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Originally Posted by captkidd
I've been a Bill Elliott fan since about 1984, the year before he really started winning a lot. My dad was a big David Pearson fan when we were growing up, and after Pearson retired it was pretty much anybody that drove a Ford. My loyalty switched to Dodges when I bought my truck, but Fords are my next favorite. Now that Bill has semi-retired I'm pulling for his replacement, Kasey Kahne.

Say what you will, I'll bet that most guys on this board would jump at the chance to get behind the wheel of one of those Richard Petty Driving Experience cars at a track like Charlotte, Atlanta, etc. That's my fantasy birthday gift; 150mph on a high-banked oval.

While I enjoy watching NASCAR races on Sunday afternoons, I usually wind up napping through about the middle half of the race. I appreciate the exoticness of the F1 cars, but how boring is it to watch one person win 12 out of 13 races, watch cars that you have no brand loyalty to (Ferrari, Lotus, Williams, etc.), and watch cars that can't even bump into each other without flying into a thousand million-dollar pieces?
I understand brand loyalty but the cars we buy and drive have NOTHING to do with the cars raced at Nascar.. It is more like F1 than the "good ole boys" days when they were all just booze runners..
Hey I would love to drive ANY racing vehicle out there.. Just don't understand the ford/chev/dodge mentality anymore....

Its all about MONEY...........
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