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HELP I need quick comments on 1997 PS205

I looked at a 1997 PS 205 today and put down a refundable deposit until tomorrow at 10 AM.
My current boat is a 1986 PS 351w velvet 1:1

1. What years was thathull produced?.
2. The motor is the 5.7 EFI what tranny did it come with( I thought it said Hurth on the tag but the lighting was bad and the owner had no clue what a tranny was.
3.There was no hour meter on the boat, Is that common? Where I tohught the hour meter would go there was a clock.
4. The mechanic is coming out tommorow AM to install a new battery and he said he could verify the hours with the engine code reader. I have only delt with old school 351's Is this true.
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