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This is my long-haul setup, on our (now) annual pilgrimage across the pass to the "warm side of the mountains".

My rig for "local" towing (10 miles to the lake) is my 96 Subaru Outback. It pulls, stops and launches just fine. I do miss my old '86 Subie wagon that had a hi/low transfer case which made pulling a boat up a ramp easier on the clutch, but the Outback is just enough heavier than the old wagon to not be scary if I have to get on the brakes. I did use it to tow 120 miles up the freeway I bought the boat last spring. It was all good except when it hailed an inch just before starting down a big hill... that was a little hairy-scary but still uneventful. It would have been equally hairy in the 4x4 F-250, and the trip would have used ~3x the fuel $$.
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