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I have a 1988 22footer I need to recarpet as well. My interior looks similiar. There seem to be some soft spots by the back bench, and the by the hole by the ski pole and also in the walkway to the front. I had to get to the gas tank once and thought these floors were wood correct? It looks like those are fiberglass? How long did this take you to do and cost estimate?
It took me one day but there was 3 of us and the carpet was around 100 bucks if i recall correctly.

My floor is all fiberglass. I imagine yours is also. As far as I know, no wood was used in the floors (specifically the stringers) since the mid 80s. If you have some flex in your floor one of the removable centre panels may have a crack and may just need some reglassing underneath.

You were asking about carpet cost....
I've just ordered 18 feet of the 8.5 foot wide Daystar Lancer 20 oz. carpet from Overtons. They sent me a sample card with all the colors on it and the Light Grey was an exact match to my current carpet. I sketched out all my pieces to scale on graph paper to make sure I ordered the correct amount.

Is your boat an open bow? If so, do you have the square center floor piece that sits right in the walkthrough area? As you can see in my post above I'm stumped as to how to get this piece out. Judging from the photos above mastercrafttristar 190 was able to somehow replace his carpet there.[/quote]

I have an open bow and to get that peice out i jacked the left dash peice up and two of us were pulling it. I took some effort to get it but we did. These are the pictures that i could find of that section.

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Good job, that came out nice
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