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Originally Posted by brucemac View Post
here you go:

$50-60 online and great reviews. i almost went with it, but decided to try out the 420 since it has "two-zone" eq funcionality versus this one which just has one. that picture is stretched by the way, it looks similar to the 420.

on the plus side for that clarion though, it lets you control the sub volume independent of the inboats. on the 420, the sub is tied to the inboats.

then you can use one of these and tie into your 12v. it will bypass the DA to the headphone out (no volume control from ipod) and play directly out of the dock connector and charge at the same time. pretty slick.
I really like this EQ for the price. I just don't know if I would know how to use the EQ though. I mean, I don't know what most of those knobs do. Maybe it would be easy to learn.. Maybe I would just leave them untouched. I'm really thinking about going this route though.

Originally Posted by Big Dogg View Post
RCA Bass Remote - about 20 bucks ish and can be found at or

If you go that route, let me know how it works out. I am going to try using my fader first, but if that doesnt work the way I want, I plan on using the remote knobs.

I believe that Wetsounds WS420 has basically used 2 separate bass knobs as to independently control tower and cockpit speakers. This is the conclusion I have come to studying their product. I dont see the need to spend the money on their rather simple design.
If I don't get the Clarion then I will definitely do this and let you know how it turns out. The Clarion seems to have more features and be an overall better deal because I would need 3 of the bass knobs (tower, interior, sub) so I am leaning towards the Clarion but if I can't figure out all of the different adjustments (on the Clarion) then it's looking like the rca bass knobs.
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