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Originally Posted by Sodar View Post
Yeah, you cannot control the volume on the line out... you would need some type of volume control. Why not get a cheap ipod compatible headunit and call it a day? Mounting issues/restrictions?
Do you think the sound quality would be that much better with an iPod compatible head unit?
I really just like not having to buy and mount a head unit when I don't need anything from it except the ability to change volume. Surely there is some way to skip the head unit and still use line out and change volume..

Originally Posted by mlay View Post
Figured I might try to piggyback here...anyone install a radio system on anything near a '82 SS? Looking for ideas that will work great but not diminish the interior.
You could always do what I do and just connect an MP3 player straight to an amplifier. I put the amplifier under the bow and the iPod in the cup holder. Very clean and I thought it sounded very good.
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