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More Stereo Questions (Equalizer)

I know that I've been asking quite a few questions lately but I'm trying to get my stereo ready for summer and I am stuck again.

My plan is to have my 120 GB iPod with all of my music connected straight to my amplifier so that was I don't have to buy and mount a head unit in my '83 S&S. I did this all last summer and it sounded pretty good to me but my tower speakers and interior speakers weren't very good quality and I have since upgraded to (2) Wetsounds Pro 80's and hopefully (4) JL 7.7's for the interior and an Infinity sub. I just bought a Cadence amplifier for my Wetsounds and I have an Infinity 7541a for the sub and interior speakers. (I was going to bridge two of the channels into 1 for the sub and leave the other two alone for the interior speakers.

First of all.. I know that it worked well last year but what is everyones opinion about hooking an ipod straight to an amplifier?

Secondly.. is it even possible to run 4 interior speakers off of the 2 channels. That will supply about 60w to each speaker if I am correct.

Thirdly.. I want to be able to control the volume of the interior speakers and tower speakers independently if that is possible. I have heard about the Wetsounds equalizer but I blew all of my money on the Pro 80's so I don't have $300 bucks for that and I don't need a mic. A sub volume control would also be nice but is not required.

If you haven't noticed I really am audio stupid..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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