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The JL's are pretty decent and I have heard multiple Wetsounds setups as well as I have owned a couple of NVS setups. ( You should put a proper amp to them and see how you like them. They will not be as loud as a pair of Pro 80's from Wetsounds, but the quality of the JL is above reproach.

If you take them out of the box and mount them up once, I fail to see how that would diminish your resale, so I would do that first and see how they sound. I am sure you would put them on ebay right now and say they have never even been listened to, but I wouldn't believe you now, so I won't believe you later, if you know what I mean. Unless you are a dealer and have access to some sort of warranty, I don't think your resale will change if you listen to them once or twice and see what you think.
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