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Nice pic BrianM! That copper is a stunning color.

I own both now (A GrillDome and a BGE) Hands down, with my hand on the bible I can say the GrillDome is a better product. Ceramics are 2x as thick, the Stainless steel hardware is awesome (vs. my 8 month old rusted BGE which is always covered when not in use) and funny enough, the gaskets on the GrillDome don't go caput like the 3 I've replaced on my BGE in less than 8 months of ownership.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the BGE is junk. I just firmly believe the GrillDome is a better product. My summary on the subject is that undoubetdly BGE is better at marketing and they have a strong following. Grilldome is a younger name (founded in 1989) and less marketing savvy. to me it's a no brainer, save $200 (roughly) on a Grilldome vs. a BGE and get a better product to boot. Seems sensible.

/oh, and I know of a GrillDome dealer if you need one.
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