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Well here we go again.

Driver side high beam doesn't work. Went to store, bought new bulb...still doesn't work. Tested with meter, no voltage at plug. In previous wranglings with this truck I had to remove the windshiled washer fluid res. to replace leaky pump (which I need to do again, no big deal), figured that since the high beam wire runs in that area, maybe I pinched it or something reinstalling the res. Well not the case. I can't figure out why I have no power to that plug. Fuses are fine. I have read on other forums about some wiring harness that is near the steering column that goes bad in these trucks. Ugh, I'm not good with electrical issues.

I thought somebody might be able to shed some....uh....light on this issue.
2003 ProStar 197, MCX and Powerslot.
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