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My boat is a 2006 Maristar 200 SS. I went out and looked at my ballast setup today after reading about the 2007 and 2008 ballasts filling and emptying using the same pump. I'm hoping someone can help me understand how the ballast pump empty/fill works on my boat. Are there two pumps for each tank? On my boat there is a pick up on the bottom of the boat. After it enters the boat there is a ball valve/shut off. About a foot after this there is a white filter-I didn't see anyway to hook up a hose to this for winterizing like I expected from reading in this thread. After the filter the line runs to the transom and into a manifold that has the one input and three out puts. After this it gets a little sketchy. I can see one of the output lines runs to a pump under the rear seat. I assume this is a fill pump. Since the ballast empty out of the side of the boat I'm guessing there must be another pump that empties the tank somewhere else. Is this correct?
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