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Thank you for taking on the mantel of 'MC fuel pumps ain't great', ours ran out of warantee a while ago and now is an expensive habit.

This is highly interesting seeing as our 2005 X2 averages 400 - 600 hours before burning out another fuel pump because apparently some of our less attentive club drivers are 'naughty' and let the fuel level drop below 1/4 tank..............

If that were really true of "fuel pumps'' my 400 000 mile Volvo estate would have had a lot of fuel pumps as I do not fill up until almost empty.

If someone really gets to the bottom of this, I would love to know so that we can re-enter the discussion with Mastercraft Great Britain without having to use rude words.
As a Process Engineer in the oil industry that designs the plants that provide the gas/petrol/lpg that runs our boats, being fobbed off "you do not know what you are talking about" is irksome.

I am not posting this in a derogatroy manner - but as a statement of fact that I as a dedicate multi-mastercraft owner believe the firm should be taking in hand and resolving to ensure its status as number one.
Apologies any accidental use of sarcasm, cynicism or confusion.

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