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Okay boys and girls, this is getting a little deep.

I finally received a reply from MC. They said that the pump in my old module and in my new module should be the newer turbine style pump. They said that the change was made in the '02-'03 time frame.

So, is it a turbine style pump? I have emailed Carter/Federal Mogul and politely requested that they tell me how to determine if a pump is the turbine pump. I know from calling them that they have an agreement with MC to not reveal any detailed specifications. I am hoping that they will comply with my request since I can simply dismantle this pump and verify which kind of pump it is.

Now, if both pumps are the turbine style pumps, we are back to square one. I have been to the Federated store and spoke with the fellow I mentioned a while back. He has ordered a pump that he believes will work. I am going to try to get by there tomorrow and see what he has. When I showed him the complete fuel module he recognized it minus the top plate which is specific to our boats. He even showed me the filter in his catalog. But, he was unable to draw a specific cross reference based on any of the nomenclature on the pump or the module. The "71-342S" which is on the top plate mimics Carter part numbers (7x-xxx). I am also going to ask him if he can tell if my old pump is a turbine style pump.

I am not feeling any good vibes right now. I honestly think that both the old pump and the new pump are NOT the turbine style pumps. In the back of my mind I am thinking CALS. If it gets to that point, then at least maybe we can finally get some concrete answers and possibly a REAL fix.
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